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CPO Hosts Inaugural Three-Day Vacation Camp

In keeping with the Personnel Department’s goal to boost morale and promote a robust company engagement culture, the Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr.  Daryl Dindial in collaboration with the Department’s Communications and Events Coordination Unit hosted an inaugural Three-Day Vacation Camp for the children and relatives of the Department’s staff. The event took place from   August 9th to August 11th and was hosted in the CPO Wellness and Conference Centre located at the                  Department’s No. 3 Alexandra Street Office.

A total number of forty-four (44) children between the ages of four (4) and thirteen (13) years were registered to participate by enthusiastic staff members who saw the inherent value of the initiative that was available to all within the Department. At the same time, fourteen (14) staff members from the various Divisions/Units volunteered their time and combined efforts to ensure that the event was well-managed, fun, and safe for the Campers.

Day one (1) commenced with the sweet sound of Pan music which overflowed into an energetic music session filled with musical guessing games and the opportunity to learn Pan notes that were presented to the Campers in an uncomplicated manner. The hugely engaging session was facilitated by Mr. Emmanuel Stephen and Ms. Shanice Samuel and sponsored by the Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial who wanted to incorporate a musical component in the line-up of activities over the three-day period.

As the day progressed, the Campers were treated to a vibrant and equally informative presentation by Ms. Tanyika Edwards of the Contracts Unit who gifted them with usable Internet safety tips and other practical Internet usage tools that served beneficial to their long-term educational undertakings. Notwithstanding, the presentation was well received as the distribution of prizes for answering questions related to the presentation was the anticipated highlight of the session.

Given the first day was all about learning, the Campers also received a visit from Lieutenant RamLogan and three (3) Cadets from the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force (TTCF). Together, they provided the 11-13 age group with information on the services and benefits of the Cadet Force. The day ended with an exciting Arts and Craft/Experiment activity led by Shenesse Henry of the K.I.M. Unit.

The second day began with a calming Yoga Session facilitated by Ms. Mala Boodoosingh of the Strategic Planning Office. The session served as an introduction to the art of Yoga with a focus on stretching, standard Yoga positions and breathing which surprisingly, many of the Campers instantly acclimatised to. Ms. Boodoosingh was sure to explain the benefits of the activity such as increased flexibility, muscle toning, and strengthening of one’s cardiovascular and circulation system to the group.

The day continued with its major event: A highly anticipated visit to the Emperor Valley Zoo, Port of Spain. The Campers, accompanied by reliable PD Volunteers were transported by Sensational Tours & Transport who at no cost to the Department provided their services to ensure the Campers were safely transported to their planned destination and back to the Office to enjoy an afternoon of movies and relaxation.

Following two days of delightful activities and learning, the third and final day of the Camp culminated with an all-inclusive “fun day” which sought to encourage positive playful interaction, build camaraderie, and provide an altogether memorable experience for all who attended.  Activities included; Face Painting, Board Games, Video Arcade Games, a Bouncy Castle, and a Petting Zoo that gave adventurous Campers an opportunity to get up close and personal with several animals.  

The three days of excitement, fun, and engagement were truly a memorable experience for everyone involved. As such, consideration is being given to continuing the initiative as an annual PD signature event. The Chief Personnel Officer Commander, Dr. Daryl Dindial thanks the staff of the   Personnel Department and the participants of the inaugural Three-Day Vacation Camp for their support and contributions towards making the initiative a resounding success.

Chief Personnel Officer Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial interacts with Camper Daveigh Nelson at the Department‘s Three-day Vacation Camp on August 11th, 2023.

Personnel Department Campers visit the Emperor Valley Zoo along with staff volunteers on August 10th, 2023.