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Message from the Chief Personnel Officer

The world today is undergoing a great transformation with globalization increasingly standing on the ongoing development of Information Communications Technology (ICT). Here at the Personnel Department, we are utilising ICT as a critical pillar in the advancement of enhanced information sharing opportunities for our clients, stakeholders and the general public.

Given the pivotal role of the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) and the Personnel Department’s continued role as a Central Human Resource Agency, our website stands ready to effectively promote the Department’s internal and external initiatives as well as to provide accurate and pertinent information on its role, responsibilities and functions within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

With a steady focus, the Personnel Department’s website has been designed to dynamically present user-friendly information for all of our clients and stakeholders as well as those seeking Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations information that fall within our operational and strategic mandates. In addition, our website is also set up to serve as a valuable repository of documents (e.g. circulars, policies, classifications and compensation plans etc.) that can be easily accessed.

This website serves as a demonstrated example of our steadfast approach to effectively utilising ICT to enhance our productivity and ongoing delivery of results. Further, as we also harness our officers’ many years of advanced expertise, we aim to boldly strengthen and effectively nurture the ongoing development of a productive culture of innovation. As we set about executing our operational and strategic work, our officers continue to sustain their high ethical and productive standards, which are absolutely essential to us ensuring that the Department’s work remains trusted and progressively upholding our customary standards of excellence.

Therefore, with an eye on efficiency we will continue to leverage our strengths as we work collaboratively with each and every one of our valued clients and stakeholders towards ensuring positive human resource and industrial relations management approaches, which can strengthen and enhance workplace productivity across the general public service.

Critically, it can be noted that results do not just happen without effort. They require continually strong and dedicated commitment from all our ‘Directors’, ‘Managers’ and employees, who are all focused on ensuring that we succeed in fulfilling the goals we have set for ourselves. Our employees are comprised of an incredibly strong and motivated team of officers, all of whom I am genuinely proud to lead.

As we continue to advance our ‘team’ approach to sustained achievement, we look forward to your continued support and patronage.