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In keeping with the vision of our Chief Personnel, Dr. Daryl Dindial, the Department’s staff were exposed to “Self-Development Training Sessions” on September 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th 2022 entitled “Finding Purpose”.  On September 2nd, the first session was facilitated by, Behaviour Change Consultant, Mr. Yohance Ayodike of IODK Consultancy who delivered a participative mixture of lectures and creative training activities covering Organizational Development, Organizational Transformation and Organizational Energy.

The ‘Retreat’ served to allow employees to understand themselves, their personalities, and to analyze how they communicate and how negatives can be more managed and lead to personal and professional well-being and productivity.

The training opportunities utilised lively and interactive presentations to facilitate meaningful group participation from those who attended and contributed to finding solutions. Further, with an understanding of the information presented, staff were put in a position to make more use of behaviour consistent with good interpersonal relationships, teamwork and cooperation, along with ethical behaviour to drive team achievement and influence a focus on the Department’s Divisional and Strategic Goals.

The “Staff Retreat” continued over the 7th, 8th, and 9th of September and was well-captured by Mr. Gavin Heerah, owner of G & L Consultants Limited.

Through the scheduled days with the groups of all “Team CPO” staff” explored many of the key attributes to prepare and equip them for contributing to the Department’s RoadMap of Organisational Efficiency under his programme themed, “The Way Forward”. With the involvement of all staff, interpersonal issues and the honesty of identification of employee issues and challenges were explored.

With the positive experience gained from sharing the thoughts and feelings of participants, the right kind of emotional environment was created to discuss issues including building competent talent, increasing job satisfaction as well as staff morale along with improving productivity.

With direct discussion of issues, at the overall ‘Staff Retreat, participants worked at gaining and keenly approaching these objectives:

  • Better understanding of the employee need for sustaining our motivation levels.
  • Increasing competencies for managing personal and professional growth.
  • Understanding how our personal growth can impact our acceptance of organizational change and increase our levels of commitment advancing our positive contributions towards team cohesion.
  • Driving the growth of accepting change in a positive manner for organizational efficiency.

Chief Personnel Officer Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial chats with Yohance Ayodike of IODK Consultancy at the staff retreat on Sept.

“TEAM CPO” bow heads for the opening prayer at the staff retreat on September 2, 2022.

Ready for the Day’s Activities: Mr Ayodike welcomes the Department’s staff as he sets to begin the day’s proceedings.

Trusting in each other’s ability: Staff participates in a trust led by one team member to safely guide their steps blind-folded