Strengthening the Special Events Committee (S.E.C.) - Interactive Talk Session 2020

On Wednesday 15th January, 2020 the Special Events Committee (s.e.c.) was treated to their first Interactive Talk Session for 2020, when Commander Gavin Heerah (Military/Security Expert), provided a motivational session to keep them engaged on the kind of commitment and focus it takes to be involved in groups with a usually heavy event schedule.

This session coordinated by the Communications / Events Co-ordination Unit was initiated to assist the S.E.C. as they gear up for another busy year of hosting staff activities. Commander Heerah spoke about the importance of having purpose, valuing the humanity in others and doing your best to serve them. The occasion also saw Commander Heerah assisting with the distribution of specially printed T-Shirts (donated by Mr. Richard Hayde – Corporate Communications Manager) to the hardworking group of S.E.C. Representatives.

The ongoing levels of commitment by the ‘Team CPO’ employees involved in the S.E.C. continues to play a substantive role in positively contributing to the strategic execution of all events and activities that creatively support the continued strengthening of (i) a productive work environment, (ii) cross-divisional communication and sharing of information (iii) the development of employee teamwork and camaraderie as well as (iv) the maintenance of a positive corporate culture, across the Personnel Department.