Sensitisation On The Procurement And Disposal Act 2015

On 10th December, 2019 the CPO (Ag.) Daryl Dindial along with Deputies CPO - Maria joseph and Hazel Villafana, Divisional Directors as well as Heads of Units were all in attendance at a workshop coordinated by the Corporate Services Division on the Sixth Floor (#3 Alexandra Street, St. Clair). The workshop featured Mr. Moonilal Lalchan and his team from the Office of Procurement Regulation (OPR) who provided insight on the Procurement and Disposal Act 2015. 

This important sensitisation addressed the impending move away from the use of the Central Tenders Board (CTB) and the role of the ‘Accounting Officer’ under the Act. Also highlighted was the formulation by the Office of Procurement Regulation (OPR)  of the one pre-qualified list of contractors to be used by public offices’ and the required constitution of the Evaluation Committee when tendering for required goods and services.

This information was intended to provide a useful and practical guide to facilitate the Department smoothly implementing the required procedures related to the need for the ongoing procurement and disposal of assets as to be effectively implemented with the support of the OPR.