PD enhances readiness for fire emergencies with training for Fire Wardens

Training\Fire Officers, Mr. Devon Kublal, Mr. Ghunershwar Ramkissoon, and Ms. Ayanna Prosper of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services, Couva South Fire Station conducted a Two-Day Intensive Fire Safety Programme at the Office of the Chief Personnel Officer, No. 3 Alexandra Street, St Clair and at the Couva South Fire Station, which brought together a cross-section of staff members from the various Divisions to serve as Fire Wardens within the Personnel Department.

In keeping with the initial session, the second day of the training was conducted at the Couva South Fire Station. The training was designed to combine a number of activities which tested the Wardens’ ability to operate under   emergency conditions, enhance their familiarity with the required safety tools such as extinguishers and water hoses to complete the designated training.

Overall, the training incorporated and tested the team on a number of theoretical fire emergency scenarios which gave the Wardens a greater understanding of:

  • Their Role and Function as Fire Wardens;
  •  Fire prevention in the workplace; 
  • Evacuation procedures and practices in the event of a fire;
  • Extinguisher use and safety features;
  • Fire assembly and managing people under pressure.