CPO Tours TTPS’ Youth Club Facilities

Chief Personnel Officer Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial in photo with a young member of the TT Police Youth Club, President, TTPSSWA, Inspector Gideon Rayon Dickson, Vice President TTPSSWA Sgt. Anderson Gonzales, and Ass. Sup. Kevin Archibald (uniform) on April 29th, 2022.

Following the scheduled tour of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison facilities on April 6, 2022, the Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial embarked on yet another tour on April 29, 2022, on this occasion, to Trinidad and Tobago Police Youth Club Facilities on invitation from senior members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) to observe first-hand the transformative youth advancement initiatives that are rolled-out and managed by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).  

Dr. Dindial was accompanied by Assistant Superintendent Kevin Archibald, President, Trinidad and Tobago Police Welfare Association (TTPSWA), Inspector Gideon Rayon Dickson, Vice President, TTPSWA  Sgt. Anderson Gonzales toured the St. Clair Police Youth Club, Beverly Hills Police Youth Club, Laventille, Inter-Agency Task Force Police Youth Club, Beetham Gardens, and Oropune Gardens Police Youth Club, Piarco respectively, and directly engaged with the dedicated Police Officers charged with overseeing and formalising programs aimed at creating healthier and higher qualities of life for underprivileged and at-risk youth in the Port of Spain and Northern Divisions.

Dr. Dindial’s ongoing visits to the various arms of the Protective Services form part of a larger approach outside of the offices of the Personnel Department and the remit of the Chief Personnel Officer to observe the day-to-day commitments of officers within the Protective Service and more importantly, gather a greater understanding and appreciation of the initiatives that extend beyond their fixed duties.

Overall, Dr. Dindial was highly impressed by the work of the TTPS Officers at the various facilities and found the engagement with the officers to be incredibly inspiring.