Cabinet Approves Civil Service Job Evaluation Exercise

The office of the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) has received Cabinet approval for the conduct of a job evaluation and compensation excercise for offices in the civil service, including the Tobago House of Assembly and Statutory authorities, subject to the Statutory Authorities Act.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Limited has been elected through an open tendering process and will provide consultancy services for the exercise which is expected to begin this month for a period of two years.

A statement from the CPO’s office said in keeping with Government’s Vision 2030 Developmental Theme of “Promoting Good Governance and Service excellence,” the central objective of this project is the installation of a modern job Evaluation and compensation system in the civil service.

It said this technology-enabled job evaluation and compensation system would include appropriate compensation structures which would ensure equity, address any anomalies that may exist currently, reflect the relative worth of all offices, and be relevant to the present and future needs of the civil service.

The CPO said to achieve this, appropriate mechanisms and criteria for effective and efficient administration of the system will be established, as well as strategies and plans to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

One of the desired outcomes of this exercise is a strengthened civil service that is more competitive and delivers a higher level of service to our citizens, visitors and investors.

The statement said in recognition of the important role that the Public Services Association (PSA) plays in the success of this exercise, the association was engaged in the evaluation process for the selection of the consultant.

Beyond this initial role, the PSA is anticipated to be an integral part of the “sensitisation sessions” to be hosted at the various ministries and government departments.

This would enable collaborative engagements and the appropriate strategic communications with public service employees of which some would be required to provide job data and information for analysis.

The CPO said the collaborative approach is crucial as “we move towards the development of a professional civil service that meets our country’s developmental needs and inculcates the advancement of an ever-increasing productive work culture which would no doubt benefit each and every citizen.”

The cost of engagement of the consultancy services to be provided for the conduct of the job evaluation and compensation exercise in respect of offices in the civil services including the Tobago House of Assembly and statutory authorities, subject to the Statutory Authorities Act, Chapter 24:01 is $24,874,508.55.