The Legal Services Division is responsible for providing the Chief Personnel Officer with legal advice on the day-to-day operations of the Personnel Department and for representing the Chief Personnel Officer in litigation before any Court or Tribunal. The Division is also responsible for the negotiation and preparation of contracts (consultancy services).


  • Represent the Chief Personnel Officer at all Court matters in which they are named as a party.

  • Advise the CPO and the various Divisions in the Personnel Department on all legal issues that may arise in their day to day functions or negotiations.

  • Draft/review Public Service Legislation to ensure relevance to current circumstances.

  • Continuously monitor Public Service Legislation to advise the Chief Personnel Officer and the Minister of Public Administration, of emerging legal and legislative issues.

  • Negotiate and prepare contracts (consultancy and otherwise) in which the CPO is a party.

  • Prepare agreements and protocols and provide advice to the Chief Personnel Officer on the implications and ramifications of such agreements and protocols.

  • Provide advice to line ministries (at their request) on employment/labour law, contract law, administrative law, statutory interpretation and the interpretation of clauses in contracts or Agreements.