The Industrial and Labour Relations Division is responsible for formulating, recommending and implementing policies geared to promoting a harmonious Industrial Relations climate in the Public Sector.

It is also involved in collective agreement management, dispute resolution and the provision of advice and technical support to internal and external clients on matters pertaining to Industrial and Labour Relations in the Public Sector.


  • Secretariat Services 
    • Provides secretariat services to the Committee of Government Ministers responsible for monitoring negotiations and levels of remuneration in the Public Sector.
    • Provides secretariat services to the Salaries Review Commission.
  • Industrial Relations Policy 
    • Formulate Industrial Relations policies associated with collective bargaining, conflict management and employee labour relations.
  • Negotiations
    • Facilitate the conduct of negotiations in Public Sector agencies.
  • Monitoring Industrial Relations in the Public Service/Public Sector 
  • Identification and establishment of best practices.
  • Identify best practice in and establish policies on participative work arrangements in the Public Service and encourage the establishment of such arrangements in Public Sector agencies.
  • Identify best practice in modern workplace practices and establish policies, which encourage such practices in the Public Service and Public Sector agencies.
  • Change Management
  • Provide Change Management Support in the Public Sector.