The Human Resource Management Services Division is responsible for providing advisory and technical support services to Ministries and Departments to facilitate Public Sector reform initiatives. They also act as a catalyst for change to ensure the adoption of strategic Human Resource Management principles and practices, especially in the areas of career and succession planning. It is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of Government policy pertaining to the establishment of Human Resource Management Units in Ministries and Departments and Employee Assistance Programmes.


  • Human Resource Advisory Services

-          Maintain constant liaison with Human Resource Managers/ Practitioners in Ministries/Departments to provide advice on a wide range of Human Resource issues.

-          Convene periodic meetings to provide a forum for sharing ideas and challenges to effect solutions.

  • Employee Assistance Programme Implementation 

-          Provide advice to Ministries/Departments on procedures.

-          Schedule seminars for Ministries/Departments.

-          Maintain lists of Employee Assistance Programme providers and referral services.

  • Human Resource Audits 

-          Hold discussions with Ministries/Departments on areas of weakness to provide any necessary assistance.

-          Conduct research to determine whether Human Resource policies and practices are standardized across Ministries and Departments.

  • Succession Planning

-          Determine the skill levels in the Public Service as a mechanism for effective Succession Planning.

-          Prepare necessary reports.

-          Advise Ministries/Departments on effective Succession Planning mechanisms including areas such as Retirement Planning, Career Planning etc.

  • Senior Management Development

-          Develop a job and personality profile for Senior Managers to access suitable training.

-          Select trainees and training institutions.

-          Source funding and evaluate training outcomes.

  • Performance Management

-          Advise Ministries/Departments on the implementation of the new Performance Appraisal Systems.

-          Conduct training sessions for supervisory staff to assist Ministries/Departments with the implementation of the Performance Management System.

-          Monitor the implementation of the Performance Management System by Ministries and Departments.