The Corporate Services Division is responsible for ensuring that the core business Divisions of the Personnel Department are provided with the institutional capability, infrastructure and administrative support services needed to perform their functions effectively and efficiently. It is also responsible for managing the Communications and Public Relations portfolio and coordinating the Department’s relationship with its internal and external publics. The Division’s Human Resource Management Unit manages internal staffing and looks after the welfare of staff of the Department. It also has responsibility for coordinating the Department’s transformation agenda.


  • Human Resource Management 

-          Manage relevant Human Resource matters including Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Staffing and other related issues.

-          Preparation of Plans (Business, Strategic, Training Plans etc.)

  • Information Technology Management

-          Establish an effective and efficient computer network to facilitate the maximization of the Department’s work. This involves Management Information Systems, Systems Administration, Network Administration and User Assistance.

  • Corporate Communications

-          Establish and maintain mutual understanding between the Department and the various internal and external publics that interact with and have an interest in the Department and its work.

-          Formulate Public Relations/Communications Strategies to support the various Divisions as they productively pursue the Personnel Departments’ strategic objectives.

-          Manage the Department’s media activities.

-          Manage event coordination activities.

  • Financial Management and Accounting 

-          Administer all relevant financial accounting and appropriate maintenance of financial records etc.

  • Office Management

-          Ensure that the Department’s equipment, stationery and other office requirements are kept at optimal service levels. Ensure the timely and expeditious flow of internal and external correspondence/documents, etc.

-          Information and Records Management

-          Store and maintain official documents.

  • Facilities Management

-          Ensure that the Personnel Department’s overall working environment is kept at an optimal level that promotes productivity.

  • Events Management

-          Ensure that all resources needed to support the hosting of events within the Department are successfully coordinated and managed.