The Compensation Management Division is responsible for developing, maintaining and managing the job evaluation/classification and pay systems established for offices in the Public Service and Statutory Authorities subject to the Statutory Authorities Act, for those positions falling under the purview of Salaries Review Commission, and for daily-rated positions in Central Government and certain other agencies. The Division’s responsibilities also include determination of base salaries for contract positions.


The core functions of the Compensation Management Division include the following:

  • Job Analysis

-          Collect and analyze data on all jobs, develop and revise job/class specifications for both monthly-paid and daily rated positions.

  • Job Evaluation/Classification System Development, Implementation and Maintenance

-          Develop and implement new systems, when required, and manage and maintain the existing system.

  • Pay System Design, Implementation and Maintenance

-          Design and implement new pay systems as required, conduct salary surveys and manage and maintain the existing pay system.

  • Salary Administration

-          Address matters such as payment for the performance of additional duties, determination of incremental dates; determination of salaries on appointment, promotion and secondment; assessment and waiver of qualifications.

  • Consultation/Negotiations with Public Sector Associations/Unions

-          Consult/negotiate with various representative Associations in accordance with the provisions of the respective Service Acts on classification and compensation matters.

  • Contract Administration

-          Determine salaries to be paid to persons employed on a contract basis.