The Benefits Management Division is responsible for developing and recommending policies on terms and conditions of employment, other than pay, for monthly paid officers in the Public Service and Statutory Authorities who are subject to the Statutory Authorities Act. As well as, daily-rated employees for whom the Chief Personnel Officer is deemed to be the Employer and for persons employed on contract. These policies include those relating to Employee Assistance Programmes and Health and Safety Management.


  • Formulation of Policy and provision of Consultancy services on-

          -   Terms and Conditions of Employment

          -    Employee Study Programmes

          -    Health and Safety Management

          -    Employee Assistance Programmes

          -    Performance Management and Appraisal

  • Consultation and Negotiations with Unions/Associations
  • Revision of Legislation (Service Acts and Regulations); Collective Agreements
  • Management of Grievances and Disputes
  • Management of Group Health Plans
  • Provision of support to Counsel in respect of Disputes; participation in Tribunal Hearings and conciliation proceedings.
  • Monitoring and Auditing work (Re: benefits) of Human Resource Units to ensure adherence to policy/established guidelines.
  • Preparation and review of Manuals; establishment of Guidelines on Regulations, Rulings and Agreements.

Facilitation of Workshops and serving as Resource Personnel at training sessions conducted by Ministries/Departments and Unions/Associations.