Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Dindial delivers Easter treats at the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home on April 14th, 2022

The children of the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home were afforded a surprise treat initiated and sponsored by the Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial. The much anticipated and fun-filled event took place on Friday 8 July, 2022 on the grounds of the home located in Malabar Gardens Arima, and catered to a group of enthusiastic youths ranging in ages two (2) to seventeen (17) years old.

Although The Chief Personnel Officer was unable to attend the event, the dynamic team consisting of Malika McLeish of the Industrial and Labour Relations (ILR) Unit, the Department’s Special Events Committee (S.E.C) member, Geline Mejias of the Job Evaluation Project Office (JEPO) and the Communications and Events Coordination team delivered what can be considered a successful and well-received initiative, judging by the response and participation of the children.

Some of the activities included team games, art & craft, and face painting. Notably, the activities particularly the games fostered a sense of team spirit and brought out the competitive energy among the participants, as there were goodies to be won, and the entitlement to boast about the day’s wins.

As the Department continues to lend support to the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home the staff together with the S.E.C are embarking on an upcoming Back-to-School Donation Drive, scheduled for July 22 to August 19, 2022.    

Ready for the Day: Two children excitedly pose for a photo at the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home on July 8th, 2022.
Judging the Competition: Personnel Department’s Malika McLeish reviews art before announcing the winner at the Fun Day on July 8
Face Painting Excitement: A young member of the Margaret Kistow Home gets her face painted by Malika Mc Leish at the CPO’s Fun