Civil Service Job Evaluation Exercise Continues to Progress

Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial

As the Job Evaluation Exercise for offices in the Civil Service, including the Tobago House of Assembly and Statutory Authorities continues to progress, the Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial advised in a recent media release that work on Phase 3 of the exercise continues.

Accordingly, the project’s Leadership Committee comprising the Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Partner, Mrs. Zia Paton and Public Services Association (PSA) President, Mr. Leroy Baptiste, met on May 25 2022 to discuss key project issues.

Moreover, Phase 3 of the project involves critical workstream activities which incorporate the development of approximately one thousand six hundred and fifty-one (1,651) Job Descriptions. Currently, updated Job Descriptions for approximately one thousand (1000) job positions have been completed.

Phase 4 is due to commence in June 2022 and would see the evaluation of all jobs within the ambit of the project. Approximately one thousand (1000) Job Descriptions developed will now be used to advance Job Evaluation Training and commence Job Evaluations.

Commander Dindial advised that the Personnel Department, PwC, and the PSA remain committed to achieving the milestones established for the project, and to continue monitoring and controlling activities to ensure that all deliverables are completed in this exercise to support Civil Service modernisation and improved service delivery to all our citizens.