SEC Information Sharing Session Focuses on: Preparing Staff for Retirement

The Comptroller of Accounts, Ms. Catherine Laban, and Ms. Vashti Maharaj from the Treasury Division, Ministry of Finance were the main facilitators who virtually participated (through Microsoft Teams) in an employee information sharing initiative, geared towards equipping ‘soon to be retirees’ of the Personnel Department with information specifically related to retirement and understanding the processes and procedures when seeking to ensure the appropriate advancement of retirement payments and benefits, subsequent to retiring from the Public Service.

The session involved some twenty-three (23) participants, all within five (5) years of their retirement being meticulously provided with noteworthy information, appropriately tailored to clarify any misunderstandings of the Public Service ‘retirement benefits’ process. In keeping with the interest of participants, the facilitators sought to provide information related to: ‘Eligibility for Benefits’, ‘Processing of Benefits’ and the helpful ‘Formula for the Computation of Retirement Benefits.

This unique initiative was coordinated by the Personnel Department’s Special Events Committee (S.E.C) in collaboration with the Communications / Events Co-ordination and was hosted virtually due to the observance of the Ministry of Health COVID-19 health protocols.