CPO meets 'Protective Service' Associations & Representatives

The Chief Personnel Officer (Ag.) – Cdr. Dr. Darryl Dindial, meets with the Defence Force’ and Association Representatives of the ‘Protective Services’ to initiate a collective dialogue and to set a positive tone for the planned negotiations on the terms and conditions related to the various services. 

(R-L) Mr. Keston Charles (Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF), Ms. Eden Pope (TTDF)  Mr. Leo Ramkissoon – President of the Fire Services Association, Mr. Gideon Dickson – President of the Trinidad and Tobago Social Welfare Association (TTPSWA), Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial - Chief Personnel Officer (Ag.), Ms. Vera Deonanan-Balkaran - Director – Industrial and Labour Relations, Mr. Ancil Shane-Forde – TTPSWA, Mr. Marcellus-Simon – General Secretary - Fire Services Association, Mr. Lester Walcott – General Secretary, Prisons Officers Association (POA), Mr. Ceron Richards - President – POA, and Mr. Burton Hill (POA – Representative).