Conversations with the CPO – Driving Progress through Dialogue

In an ongoing attempt to create a work environment that is goal oriented and focused as well as honest and open to dialogue, Chief Personnel Officer, Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial met with staff from the Job Evaluation and Project Office (JEPO) on Tuesday 10th, November 2020 to discuss the ongoing Cabinet-approved Civil Service Job Evaluation Exercise and expressed his expectations for this very critical exercise and its impact on the pubic sector.

The team was reminded of their role in ensuring the strategies and plans outlined for the initial stages of the project are implemented successfully, given the project is targeted to bring about significant benefits to all public servants as well as to the overall efficiency and productivity of the wider public service.

On November 13th, 2020, the Chief Personnel Officer, Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial took the opportunity to introduce himself to PD’s On the Job Trainees (OJTs) from the Ministry of Labour’s OJT programme, who recently joined the Personnel Department (PD).

The CPO welcomed the young professionals to the Department, and delightfully shared a few memories from his experience as a former OJT at the Personnel Department (PD). Dr. Dindial  encouraged them to not see themselves as just OJT’s, but as young professionals who are here to contribute and to increase their experience level by performing at their highest potential, while not being afraid of failure.