Public sector skills gap under evaluation, CPO says

Extensive work is underway to fill skill gaps to reposition the civil service to align with Government’s digitisation goals.

Chief Personnel Officer Dr Daryl Dindial revealed that some 1,651 jobs across the public service are being evaluated through a joint venture with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to identify where upskilling is required.

He was speaking during a session on the Future of Work on the third day of the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago’s (AMCHAM T&T) Tech Hub Islands Summit.

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CPO suggests employees be professional when working remotely

Monitoring and evaluation are cited as key factors when it comes to the performance of workers during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

This point is made by Chief Personnel Officer, Dr. Daryl Dindial.

The CPO made the comment while speaking today at the American Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago’s virtual Tech Hub Islands Summit.

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SEC Information Sharing Session Focuses on: Preparing Staff for Retirement

The Comptroller of Accounts, Ms. Catherine Laban, and Ms. Vashti Maharaj from the Treasury Division, Ministry of Finance were the main facilitators who virtually participated (through Microsoft Teams) in an employee information sharing initiative, geared towards equipping ‘soon to be retirees’ of the Personnel Department with information specifically related to retirement and understanding the processes and procedures when seeking to ensure the appropriate advancement of retirement payments and benefits, subsequent to retiring from the Public Service.

The session involved some twenty-three (23) participants, all within five (5) years of their retirement being meticulously provided with noteworthy information, appropriately tailored to clarify any misunderstandings of the Public Service ‘retirement benefits’ process. In keeping with the interest of participants, the facilitators sought to provide information related to: ‘Eligibility for Benefits’, ‘Processing of Benefits’ and the helpful ‘Formula for the Computation of Retirement Benefits.

This unique initiative was coordinated by the Personnel Department’s Special Events Committee (S.E.C) in collaboration with the Communications / Events Co-ordination and was hosted virtually due to the observance of the Ministry of Health COVID-19 health protocols.

Personnel Department Commemorates World Down Syndrome Day

Staff of the Personnel Department (PD) took the opportunity to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day celebrated on Sunday 21st March, 2021. To mark this global awareness event, high-spirited members of staff from varying Units within the PD were photographed decked out in brightly coloured socks, to raise awareness on the subject.

Many may not know this but, the wearing of brightly coloured, mis-matched socks signify the extra chromosome that people with Down Syndrome usually carry.

TEAM CPO’ extends warm wishes to the Down Syndrome Community on

World Down Syndrome Day!

Protecting the Environment. Personnel Department Joins Public Sector Recycling Programme. Love where you work... Recycle!

The Personnel Department (PD) joined the list of some forty-nine (49) Government Ministries and Departments that took the initiative to integrate environmental awareness and waste management systems within their respective organisations. The PD rolled-out the Public Sector Recycling Programme (PSRP) outfitting every kitchen with Paper and Beverage receptacles and Instructional Posters to appropriately guide staff when discarding waste along with the establishment of its very own Eco-Team within the Department in January 2021.    

While receiving the bins was of utmost importance to commence PD’s waste management thrust, education on recycling was equally important. Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL’s) Education Officer, Gisel Telfer delivered a highly engaging and informative awareness session to members of PD’s Eco-Team at the Offices of the Chief Personnel Officer No. 3A Alexandra Street St Clair on February 23rd, 2021.  The session addressed:

  •  Benefits of Recycling;
  • The Importance of Recycling;
  • The role organisations play in protecting the environment and;
  • Encouraging organisations to adopt a green work space

Ultimately, the participants of the awareness session walked away with a greater understanding of their role as it relates to the initiative, and their direct involvement in leaving a carbon footprint that contributes to safeguarding the environment for future generations.


Civil Service Job Evaluation Exercise Rolls Into 2nd Phase

The Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial, wishes to advise that the Civil Service Job Evaluation Exercise, initiated on the 1st of July, 2020, has successfully entered the second phase, involving ‘Job Analysis’ from February 22nd 2021. This is in keeping with the project deliverables between the Personnel Department (Office of the Chief Personnel Officer) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Limited for the conduct of a Job Evaluation and Compensation Exercise (for offices in the Civil Service, including the Tobago House of Assembly and Statutory Authorities, subject to the Statutory Authorities Act, Chapter 24:01.).

In this phase of the project, approximately 4953 Position Analysis Questionnaires (PAQs) would be delivered and administered to the various Ministries and Departments through 3 ‘Role Holders’ for each position to facilitate the job analysis.  Based on the information consolidated from the PAQs, the 3rd phase of the project would then involve the drafting of some 1651 ‘Job Descriptions’ and the required validation by Line Managers and Permanent Secretaries/Heads of Department. Over the next few months, the Personnel Department and the PwC teams would be conducting the required interviews and validation sessions for all of the jobs identified.

On completion of these phases, the fourth phase of the project would commence with the establishment of a Job Evaluation Committees (J.E.C.). The J.EC.s would include Personnel Department, PwC along with the Public Services Association (PSA) representatives, who would be trained in the current Job Evaluation System methodologies to evaluate all of the jobs, which are targeted to be completed on or before March 2022.

As we continue moving the project towards its successful completion, it is envisaged that at the end of the project, the Civil Service will have a new Job Evaluation and Compensation System that can impact positively on the effective and efficient delivery of services across the public service in Trinidad and Tobago.

JEPO Training

December 16th to 18th 2020, the Personnel Department (PD) collaborated with the PwC to facilitate job analysis training sessions. This involved an initial twenty-seven (27) Job Analysts being trained with the required skills to prepare job descriptions to drive the successful execution of the required analysis of the 1,653 positions to be reviewed during the job evaluation exercise.

Chief Personnel Officer, Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial and Ms. Margaret Kistow, founder of the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home

On December 16th 2020, Chief Personnel Officer, Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial, was on hand to formally hand over several boxes of food, essential items and  toys as the Personnel Department showed its generosity and goodwill to the Margaret Kistow - Children’s Home in Malabar, Arima,  through the CPO’s Adopt-A-Home Initiative.

‘Team CPO’ united, under one cause and gave support to Ms. Kistow who has been described as a kind-hearted soul, and has tirelessly given some thirty-four (34) years of her life towards taking care of the many children that are sent to her home from the Court and other agencies as she continues to look after the welfare of the nations’ children.

Conversations with the CPO – Driving Progress through Dialogue

In an ongoing attempt to create a work environment that is goal oriented and focused as well as honest and open to dialogue, Chief Personnel Officer, Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial met with staff from the Job Evaluation and Project Office (JEPO) on Tuesday 10th, November 2020 to discuss the ongoing Cabinet-approved Civil Service Job Evaluation Exercise and expressed his expectations for this very critical exercise and its impact on the pubic sector.

The team was reminded of their role in ensuring the strategies and plans outlined for the initial stages of the project are implemented successfully, given the project is targeted to bring about significant benefits to all public servants as well as to the overall efficiency and productivity of the wider public service.

On November 13th, 2020, the Chief Personnel Officer, Cdr. Dr. Daryl Dindial took the opportunity to introduce himself to PD’s On the Job Trainees (OJTs) from the Ministry of Labour’s OJT programme, who recently joined the Personnel Department (PD).

The CPO welcomed the young professionals to the Department, and delightfully shared a few memories from his experience as a former OJT at the Personnel Department (PD). Dr. Dindial  encouraged them to not see themselves as just OJT’s, but as young professionals who are here to contribute and to increase their experience level by performing at their highest potential, while not being afraid of failure.

'Team CPO' Staff receive commendation

Ms. Bethel John (Director-HRPP&R) along with Ms. Jenny Singh (Research Officer II - HRPP&R Division), Ms. Suzanne Ali (HRA III - HRMS Division) and Ms. Papoonsingh (Legal Officer I - Legal Services Division), were commended by the former Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development, Senator the Honourable Jennifer Baptiste-Primus, for their participation in a one-day Tripartite Working Group seesion on July 13th, 2020, geared towards reforming Labour Legislation and Consultations.