Personnel Department Supports The Development Of Senior Public Officers

On  August 23rd and September 20th, 2019, Officers from the Legal Services Division, Benefits Management Division, Compensation Management Division along with the Contracts Unit of the PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT made featured contributions at a ‘Capacity Building Initiative’ hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration, which was held in the Ministry of Education building, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain.

This initiative was aimed at assisting senior public officers in developing the competencies and skills required for leadership roles in the Public Service as well as to enable them to work more effectively with the Personnel Department and the Service Commissions Department.

The sessions involved senior public servants from across the service (Range 60 and above) receiving  information related to the role of the Personnel Department and included lively interactive sessions, which featured  discussions on the importance of job descriptions, job evaluations methodologies, contract employment and its evolution.