Customer Service Training for 'Team CPO'

Dr. Roland Baptiste (a former CPO between 1987 – 1994) hosted a two day training Workshop (November 1st – 2nd, 2018) under the theme: “Shaping the society you serveat the 1st Floor Conference Room, Park Plaza, St. Vincent Street, PO.S.

As commissioned by the Ministry of Public Administration these sessions have been taking place across the public
sector since August 2017. The aim was to reach 10,000 public sector employees by delivering the programme and training others to facilitate it.

All employees are targeted to be exposed to the training, however, for this initial phase it was rolled out to
secretarial, clerical, manipulative staff as well as Human Resource Officers. The eighteen (18) participants were
exposed to practical information that saw them tackling relevant questions during their group discussion sessions as well watching related videos with their reasoned findings being presented at the end.

Notably, the ‘Customer Service’ training also utilized ‘role playing ‘sessions and other creative exercises to showcase both ‘poor’ and ‘positive’ customer service practices based on the content creatively exposed to the participants.